Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology


International collaboration

The project on the theme: ”Congenital malformations, surgical diseases and their complications in newborns, child, adolescent (0-18 years). Diagnostics, treatment, anesthesiologic, rehabilitation and forecast problems” in the State Register.

The project is headed by academician Eva Gudumac.

Project participants: Vera Dzero, Gincu Gheorghe. “Nicolae Testemitanu” SUMP, registration number 511 INST, registration date 12 January 2011. The date of certificate issue 17 January 2011. The certificate is valid until 13 December 2014. The project code 11.817.09.05 F.

The project was organized by the Association “Hope for the nations” (Romania), Chisinau, 19-24 March 2011.

The subjects of discussion were:

  1. Severe malformations of the genitorurinary system.
  2. Portal hypertension.